Central America

Unexplored Locations, Warm People and Excellent Fishing.


Belize offers some great fishing opportunities too, and in some cases it also offers other activities for the non-fishers such as kayaking, canoeing, diving and snorkeling, water-skiing and sailing.  The fishing can be spectacular for bonefish, permit and tarpon, and the lodges are excellent.  

There is a lodge in Belize for everyone, from the hard-core, hard-driving fisherman to the more family oriented individual.  You can expect gourmet dining and very good and comfortable accommodations.  Belize is a very diverse and friendly destination.  The fishing is excellent, and the lodges offer something for practically every taste and every situation.


On the Pacific side there is great sail fishing in Guatemala.  It’s not just great, it’s fantastic!  Big Pacific sails on conventional and/or fly fishing equipment.

There are many lodges specializing in sail fishing, and the results are incredible.  Double digit sails in one day on fly are not unusual!  And there are marlin mixed in occasionally, and they are caught on fly too!  

The lodges are very good, with all the amenities and good food to boot. Guatemala should be on every fisherman’s bucket list.

Costa Rica and Panama

Further to the south we have relationships with lodges in Costa Rica and in Panama.  In both countries there is good fishing in both the Atlantic and the Pacific coasts, and of course, there are good lodges in both.

On the Atlantic you can expect tarpon and snook in great numbers.  The lodges are charming and very comfortable.  Food is very good too.  On the Pacific side there are numerous lodges as well.  Sails and marlin are king on that side.  Both countries have terrific Pacific bill fishing, but there are rooster fish, snappers (including big cuberas) and groupers as well.  You can’t go wrong there!

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