North America & Mexico

An Unforgettable Journey Through North America’s Best Fly Fishing Destinations.

Alaska and Canada

In North America we can send you to Alaska and Canada, where salmon, steelhead, trout and grayling, among other things, abound.  Great fishing lodges with gourmet dining in an idyllic setting of breathtaking scenery teeming with wildlife, but most important of all, you’ll find great fishing.


Do not forgo the charm of Louisiana and experience the trip of a lifetime. You can start your trip in the city of New Orleans with its terrific dining opportunities and beautiful architecture, fascinating shoppes and unforgettable music. Just a stone’s throw from there you’ll find the world’s best fishery for big red fish, with the added bonus of big black drum, jacks and even sharks and cobia.

Note: Best time to go for big fish is September through February.


Further to the south, you can explore the charm of Mexico.  Fishing in Campeche is unequalled for baby and mid-size tarpon.  Well-appointed accommodations and great, typical dining.  Further to the south you have the Mayan Riviera and then the Mayan ruins at Tulum and the Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve.  

Beyond that are a number of good fishing lodges and great fishing for bonefish (what they lack in size is sure made up for in numbers), permit or palometa and, of course, tarpon.  You can throw in snook too!  This is a great area for a grand slam or a super grand slam!  From the Sian Ka’an reserve through Ascencion Bay all the way to Punta Pájaros we can get you to any number of great fishing lodges with comfortable flats boats, experienced guides and fantastic fishing.  Great food too, and in some cases, very nice beaches as well!

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