South America

Enjoy Great Fishing and Amazing Landscapes, from Colombia to the Patagonia.


We have some great possibilities in Colombia.  We can send you on an unforgettable fishing adventure for peacock bass and other exotics up the country’s most prolific rivers.  

The outfitters will make very comfortable camps for you along the river shores complete with large tents and air mattresses.  Dining is under a big tent or under the stars, and the food is very good.  There are three venues, the Bita River, the Mataveni and the Bocon.  Each is different, but they all  have excellent fishing.  You just can’t get more exotic than that.


Venezuela is troubled politically at the moment, especially for US citizens.  However, for adventuresome souls, we can get you to a lodge in Los Roques or make arrangements for a mother ship trip there.  The bone fishing is spectacular and Los Roques is very picturesque and lots of fun in normal times.


Way down south in Chile, there are beautiful lodges, breathtaking landscapes,  spectacular wild life and terrific rivers leading into the cold, pristine Pacific.  This is the land of salmon and of rainbow and brown trout.  And it is the land of good wine.  The Chileans are terrific people and the fishing is excellent.


Likewise, Argentina has spectacular and scenic landscapes, and of course terrific fishing.  The lodges are fantastic with great food and wonderful wines.  In the north you can fish for the ferocious dorados, big and good fighters, while in the south, there is unequaled trout fishing for big browns.  You can’t beat it!  This is another place that should be on our bucket lists.

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